Dear family and friends,

It’s that time again – we’re going home for home assignment this summer. On this side of the ocean, please pray for a smooth transition of ministries: That God would grant field leadership wisdom of overseeing and local believers empowerment of ownership. On the other side, please pray for availability of housing, schooling, transportation and settlement.

We’re so grateful that Lancaster Vietnamese Alliance Church has sent out workers in responding to short-term and long-term needs of the mission field. Before our departure, the short-termer Miss Phuong Huynh will carry on God’s works during summer time. Shortly after Miss Phuong’s stay, Mr Th├ánh Pham and his wife Huong will arrive for a longer commitment. The Phams are enlisted as Envision volunteers approved by the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Please up lift our volunteers unto the Lord’s care and ask the God to use them for his Kingdom.

We hope to see you again and share with you about God’s works in Taiwan. Thank you for your love and support!

Charlie and Mary Dang